Wedding Women for Rings Steel Stainless Epinki Bands Ring Gold 3mm Zirconia Cubic Zirconia Cubic Single Wedding Bands

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Epinki Stainless Steel Rings for Women Wedding Bands Single Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia 3mm Gold Ring

Vintage … ♥ ♥ … Modern

- with the connection behind the idea of "Modern Vintage" classic with contemporary elements to a unique design!

"Ningmou every soulful and write endless love confession, such as a bright lotus bloom in the tacit concerned about Lane" It's the romance between men and women! jewelry makes a better love confession. The design of shining cubic zirconia Jewelry gives each styling a unbeatable sparkle!

Discover beautiful jewelry every day from . jewelery make you more beautiful!

♥ What kind of jewelry does have?

Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Jewelry Set,Cufflinks, Brooches, etc.

♥ Feedback and Contact

1 If you have any questions,please contact us by email.We will reply you within 24 hours.
2 If you are not satisfied with our product or our service, please contact before leave a negative feedback. We guarantee you the best solution.
3 We will be very happy if you can give us a detailed product review or feedback,it will help us a lot on our business, also, help other buyers to choose correctly.

♥♥Tips to protect your jewelry♥♥
1 Avoid in a damp place. Please place your jewelry in a cool and dry place.
2 Avoid the collision with hard objects, sharp scratches,and other metal friction.
3 Avoid contact with water. Please take off your jewelry before washing hands, bathing, or application of cosmetics such as perfume, hair spray, soaps or lotions.
These cases could damage the jewelry, shorten the service life, cause discoloration and reduce the crystal shine.

A wonderful gift Jewelry for the special person in his life!

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