Series: Studio - Decks Rep Viola Circle Musical Amis Edition Playing Cards

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Rep Decks - Studio Series: Viola Edition Amis Musical Circle

are musical repertoire playing cards that allows you to play over a dozen fun and exciting games that test, challenge and improve your knowledge of viola excerpts. A melodic excerpt from the standard viola audition repertoire appears in the center of each card. This 5-card deck includes all ranks in their customary suits plus red and black joker cards. The traditional one-eyed face cards have an "eyeball" image on them to remind players which ones they are. Play everyday card games and then download the free Studio Series Games Manual and Answer Key to begin using your wits and knowledge of viola repertoire to play clever games like Rep Recall, Team Rep Recall Relay, Rep Recall Challenge, Team Rep Recon, Rep One Eye on the Conductor, Rep Audition Roundabout and many more! Or use as flash cards, study aids or a randomizing tool for audition preparation. The Games Manual and Answer Key are not included with the deck of cards but are free to view, download and print at anytime. The tuck box that the cards are packaged in will be tight when it is new and first unwrapped but after a few uses the box will loosen up and be easy to open.

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