XF Series X Hydro Corsair Rotary Chrome — Y-Splitter Water Cooling Systems

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Corsair Hydro X Series XF Rotary Y-Splitter — Chrome

CORSAIR Hydro X Series XF Fitting Adapters make it easy to add Y splits, 45° or 90° angles to your custom cooling system’s tubing, whether you use hardline, compression or barbed fittings. Machined from solid brass and equipped with a securely sealed rotation mechanism, XF Fitting Adapters are clad in a range of durable finishes to match your system.

Standard G1/4” BSPP threads provide universal compatibility with all CORSAIR XF Fittings.

Machined from solid brass for superior quality and durability.

Securely sealed rotation mechanism allows you to easily add angles or splits to make the perfect tube runs.

High-quality polished finish for a flawless look

Optimized for high flow rates to minimize fitting flow resistance and improve performance.

Port Thread:G1/4"

Material: Brass

Compatible Materials: Only mix with other copper / brass products

Model: CX-90515-WW

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