18ct Necklace Chain Byzantine Round Gold Gift Jewelry Women Men Selectable Length 2.5mm/0.1 Width Doublé Necklaces

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Round Byzantine Chain Necklace 18ct Gold Doublé Width 2.5mm/0.1 Length Selectable Men Women Jewelry Gift

Round Byzantine Chain Necklace, 8ct Gold Doublé 0/000, high gloss finished, The original italian round Byzantine chain, protected against tarnish
finest jeweller quality, made in Italy, no asiatic copied mass-produced goods, nickelfree and unallergic
In contrast to normal gold-plated jewelry is gold doublé 0/000 a double-metal, with a thick and inseparably
welded gold to a metal surface (brass), so that both metals are inseparably connected with each other.
As the value and quality of jewelry piece, and its lifetime and brightness primarily depends on the thickness of
gold it is a real alternative to much more expensive solid gold jewelry. Gold doublé 0/000 is because of its high
gold content allowed - unlike gold-plated jewelry - to be stamped and is suited for allergy sufferers
This jewelry has been coated with a thin layer of transparent ceramic protective against aggressive chemical influences
such as salt water and sweat so that looks like new even after years
Because the skin is not in contact with metal, allergic reactions are not able to occur. Also the wearing comfort is increased considerably.
Gold Doublé is not solid gold!
Since the product is handmade, dimensions may vary up to 5%
A beautiful jewelry for men and women.
Made by the jewelry manufacturer 'tendenze', located near the city Arezzo in Tuscany, a center of Italian jewelery.
Jewellers and goldsmiths in this area are worldwide renowned for their strong sense of beauty and quality.

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