Plain TP NA Lifting Tiger Trolley, 3.3 x 4 Single, Beam Trolleys

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Tiger Lifting NA TP Plain Trolley, Single, 4 x 3.3

Plain Trolley Range from 0.5t to 10.0t Tiger trolley wheels are specially designed with a convex profile eliminating potential point loading Geared type available (with hand chain length to suit your requirements) Operating temperature of -30°C to +100°C (temperature range of -50°C to +100°C available as an option) Geared Trolley Range from 0.5t to 30.0t The wheels run on sealed bearings for smoother rolling with less effort and maintenance Extended beam width available Optional beam locking device The anti-drop plates design ensures extra safety, and also prevents damage to the wheels when contacting end rail stoppers Twin bar or single bar trolleys available Corrosion or Spark Resistant versions available The 5:1 factor of safety allows for use with manual or powered hoists 

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