BONNY DODO Mini Lightweight Simple Classic Backpack for Kids Teen,Unisex (OFF-WHITE, 10L) Backpacks

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BONNY DODO Mini Lightweight Simple Classic Backpack for Kids Teen,Unisex (OFF-WHITE, 10L)

The biggest advantage of this unisex backpack is its small size and light weight.

If you are a student, you can use the backpack when playing basketball with classmates. It
is enough to meet your needs, put on the changing clothes, professional basketball shoes and
and water bottle.
If you are an office worker, you can use it as a commuter backpack. In addition to tablet and
accessories (power supply, stylus), you can also put notebooks, pens, power banks, cosmetics,
folding umbrellas, etc. into it.
If you want to take the kids to the countryside on the weekend, this lightweight backpack is
essential. It allows children to bring their own kettles, snacks, sun hats, folding umbrellas,
paper towels and beloved toys.
If you are a hiker, this mini bag is not to be missed. The ultra-light weight can reduce your physical
exertion, and the small size allows you to pass through narrow places. The surface of Oxford
material is strong and wear-resistant and will not be scratched by hard objects.

This product can only withstand splashing water or rain, not soaking.

Care information
Low temperature water washing (not exceeding 40℃)
Do not use detergents with bleaching ingredients
Hang to dry
Do not dry clean
No ironing

BONNY DODO is a brand focused on various backpacks. We always start from the actual
life of customers, and design and produce high-quality products that meet the daily needs
of customers based on a deep understanding of customers. Our philosophy is that the backpack
should not only have a stylish and dazzling appearance, but also have a durable and easy to clean
internal structure-like a trusted partner, whether it is work, travel, shopping, vacation, hiking,
cycling, Long partner is by your side. We look forward to our products can bring convenience
and comfort to your life.

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