Quiges 925 Sterling Silver 3D Abstract Cross and Dots Cylinder Bead Charm Bead

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Quiges 925 Sterling Silver 3D Abstract Cross and Dots Cylinder Bead Charm

’ elegant and easy to use bead charms will be a nice addition to
your charm bracelet or snake chain necklace. The universal european
hole size of 4.2 milimetres makes them diverse and compatible with
many other known brands. The concept of the bead is user friendly,
interchangeable and highly personal. Manufactured with care and
attention to detail and a finishing handmade precision, results in cute
and unique pieces.

The base material used in our bead charms is 925 sterling silver. We have
more than 400 bead designs for everyday wear or special occasions: from
various heart designs to cute animals and cultural world symbols, from
plain silver toned color charms to charms with bright colors and
shimmering zirconia’s. There are endless combinations and possibilities.

The synthetic crystal used in our bead charms are high quality cubic
zirconia’s made in the Czech Republic. These gemstones are from Preciosa
and we use their premium, lead free environmental responsible line. So you
can sparkle your polished charm with an eco-friendly conscience.

If you spot any vibrant color in your charm then you are seeing a colored
enamel coating. For your information enamels are fine particles of glass
applied to metal to add color and this technique can be dated back to ancient

Combine your own bead jewellery pieces with one of our unique designs to
tell your own story.

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