H&S Unisexs YOGABLOCK Yoga Block, Blue/Purple, 23×15× 8cm Blocks

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H&S Unisexs YOGABLOCK Yoga Block, Blue/Purple, 23×15× 8cm

Our Yoga Blocks are perfect to help with those elongated type of poses and stretches, creating a comfortable height and stability when needed. Extremely lightweight and portable for ease of use, as well as being comfortable due to its EVA Foam material, why be uncomfortable while trying to relax those muscles?
- The yoga blocks are made of high-density EVA foam, making them strong and durable for holding up against the most demanding poses, non-toxic and eco-friendly.
- The yoga bricks have non-slip surfaces for extra traction, perfect portable shape for superb balance and alignment for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners.
- Our yoga blocks adds safety to advanced poses, deepen and elongate your stretches during the yoga exercises. With a yoga block, you can easily modify a challenging pose to free your body from stress and pain
- Our yoga blocks / bricks set of 2 comes in blue and purple colours, the foam blocks help you to progress at your own pace and advance asanas when you’re ready.
- The EVA foam bricks become the necessary yoga accessories to provide support and stability, Great for yoga students of all levels.
- 23×15×8cm
- Weight 180g
Package Contents
- 2 x Yoga Blocks

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